Execute Strategy through Strategic Project Management Office

Oversee every portfolio, programme, project, and strategic effort that is linked with an OKR or a balanced scorecard. To achieve the performance of the strategic objectives, the strategic initiatives/projects close the performance gaps of the measures. It is possible to maintain the scoring system used to assess the performance of specific projects, programmes, and portfolios as well as to report on the results on a regular basis. By effectively completing the projects, programmes, and portfolios, PMO may manage strategic transitions.

Project/Initiative Management: The key to gaining a competitive edge in the contemporary global business environment is the capacity to deliver projects on time, within budget, and in alignment with the company goals. The work that project managers do is highly complicated and calls for a combination of analytical thinking, excellent interpersonal skills, and organisational skills.

Within the life cycle of a project, milestones that are used to gauge progress towards the end goal must be clearly defined. A project's start and finish dates, external reviews and input, budget checks, the submission of a major deliverable, etc. are all indicated by milestones in project management. There are various more milestones that will help you progress smoothly towards the final goal, even while the final deliverable or product is undoubtedly an important milestone.

Tasks are single units of work that are completed by predetermined dates and must advance the goals of the project as a whole. A task can be further divided into subtasks, each of which should have a clear start and end date for completion, much like project management is the coordination of individual tasks. Get objective performance by executing the projects on time, within budget, and according to the scope. The end-to-end project management processes are managed with the aid of fruiStrategy.

Manage Portfolios & Programs in alignment with Strategy

Organizations can develop crucial capabilities and achieve strategic goals with the aid of portfolios and programmes. PMO software must offer a portfolio view in order to examine all the projects on one screen and be able to quickly grasp how they relate to one another. PMOs have a variety of projects to manage that complement one another.

Many project perspectives, including the high-level view of all the projects at once, are available to you in fruiStrategy PMO. It provides controls to group and arrange them as you like and focus specifically on a detail when necessary.

The initiatives can be categorised by kind, given weights, given priority, and given performance criteria that can be utilised to automatically calculate the performance of the programmes and portfolios and provide performance direction.

The process of tracking the tasks for your project at each stage, from planning to completion, is known as task management. This entails actively making decisions for your projects in order to account for changes that might happen in real time, with effective task completion as the ultimate aim.

Managing project tasks in fruit strategy PMO facilitates efficient management of a task's various components, including budget, time, scope, resources, recurrence, and so forth. A collection of tasks work together to complete a project. Hence, task management is a natural part of project management. The accomplishment of milestones and deliverables, which can be automatically scheduled for reminders and alerts, are tied to the project task progress.

Performance Reporting: Performance reporting assists management in finding chances for progress as well as highlighting obstacles to be avoided. Performance reporting needs to be done periodically once the possible risks and compliance issues have been discovered, depending on the complexity and length of the projects, so that everyone involved is aware of the repercussions. Reports on risks that could have an impact on a single project, several projects, the business, and more are all possible.

Realize results through successful completion of projects

Project Reporting: fruiStrategy PMO comes with a set of project reporting tools to provide actionable insights into the projects. One can assess how long the project will take to complete, identify which resources are available, and prioritize the order in which the tasks are to be carried out.

The various reports that fruiStrategy PMO offers are Timeline reports, Variance reports, Resource availability reports, Time tracking reports, Task and Issue reports, etc. The value gap closure can be monitored through project reporting and we can track strategy execution performance on time.

Change Management: All project changes can be managed through fruiStrategy PMO. Individual project stakeholders can raise a change request and approval process will be done through the system to keep the track of all changes and approvals.

The change in the people due to organizational culture due to transformation initiatives can be managed properly through best practices change management principles. Team responsibilities can include liaising with stakeholders, developing training programs, and tracking engagement.

Performance Dashboards: Dashboards designed to display metrics, statistics, insights, and key performance indicators for projects, programs, and portfolios help management to take the informed decisions. fruiStrategy PMO provides various performance dashboards that helps organizations visualize, monitor, optimize, and enhance the performance of the projects

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Consulting for all steps in strategy execution which include strategy planning, strategy translation, strategy reviews, PMO processes, risk management, strategy refresh, personal scorecards and others.


Implementation of strategy execution process aligning with all best practices; Execution Premium, OKR, Enterprise PMO, Enterprise Risk Management, Personal Scorecards, and Strategy Analysis tools.


Integration with all complementing solutions and data sources to have seamless flow of data to make data available on time to enable better decision making.


Software solution which is comprehensive, easy to implement, easy to maintain empowered by latest technologies which include AI/ML, process mining, mobility, API enabled.

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