Connect to SaaS Applications for seamless data flow

With fruiStrategy, you can retrieve data from any web services. Connect your software as a service apps with your strategy to unlock the data's hidden potential.

The data extraction is seamless and can be scheduled according to the requirement. Also, the data can be pushed into any connected systems without any hassles.

Integrate your regular Spreadsheets for easy performance reporting

Spreadsheets continue to be one of the most popular data sources when automating strategy. Draw data in a wide range of data formats from Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets. Utilise effective transformations to combine and clean data.

The data can be uploaded/downloaded manually and can be sheduled at desired intrtervals as per the requirement.

Connect to Databases to avoid manual inputs and improve speed & accuracy

Data imports/exports from from a wide range of databases which include MySQL, Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server and many more.

The imports or exports can be scheduled, automated, or done manually according to the requirement.

The integration with the databases is quite common and crucial at the same time and fruiStrategy does it all effortelessly

Feed performance data through Online Forms

Sometimes a system of records doesn't have your performance data. fruiStrategy offers simple-to-use online forms for manually entering data in various circumstances. KPI updaters receive email notifications containing links to their update forms, and missing data reports let you know which KPIs in your organization still require updating.

To gather any kind of data, administrators can create and distribute forms like surveys or mini-apps. You have total data collection freedom at your fingertips with Forms.

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