About Us

Strategy Execution is the top priority for any business executives which is the unique capability for the organization to realize the strategy consistently. We strongly believe that with so many dynamics of business environment, gaps in key capabilities, and alignment of everything in organization, it is essential to define and standardize the strategy execution process and continuously update it. The CEOs need a tool which is built on best practices, methodology agnostic, compatible with any business environment, easy to use, latest technology, and flexible. Having siloed systems for strategy execution process makes the alignment of processes does not help senior leaders to get what they want.

Based on our experience with many organizations helping strategy execution, we realize that, a comprehensive solution is required to solve the complex problem hidden in strategy transformations. We built fruiStrategy to address the gap in strategy execution and make it as unique solution across globe which addresses everything required in single platform.

We transformed the whole strategy execution into simple and linear steps; Plan, Translate, Perform, Review, and Transform as below:

• Perform strategy analysis, arrive at strategic projections, and value gap analysis. Link plan to execution.

• Translate strategy into objectives, measures, and initiatives to close the gap and align all organization & resources and provide budget.

• Perform operations & projects well and report progress. Risk, compliances, people performances are reported. Link execution & plan.

• Conduct strategy reviews and manage the progress. Identify critical actions and monitor. Single version of truth & actions matter.

• Automatic reporting of organizational performance and strategic direction with trend. Close loop with plan and execution.

All you need is a functioning ERP to cover operational management processes and fruiStrategy to manage all your strategy management processes. We want our customers to focus more on the thinking and analysis and take help of fruiStrategy to do the automation part.

I would like to thank our Strategy Management consultants, Customers, Partners, Solution Architects, Developers, and critical business users who consistently add ways to innovate opportunities to achieve strategy execution excellence. I sincerely request all strategists to try fruiStrategy and witness the truly innovative solution.